Dawn Larsen



Dawn Larsen is a Regulatory Accounting Analyst for the Washington Gas Company.  In her free time she enjoys ballroom dancing and traveling.  New to the Montgomery County area, she grew up in Southwest GA so when you speak to her you will get a sense of the “she ain’t from around here vibe”.   Dawn is the first and only member of her immediate and extended family to graduate high school.  The first and only in her family to graduate college.  Kindness, curiosity, drive and determination are her core principals and she uses these in her career, as the Treasurer of the Eagle Battalion Booster Club and as a mother. 

JROTC was introduced to her son James by a school visit in 8th Grade.  James was more than your typical awkward middle school kid.  Teachers and administration were worried that he insisted on working by himself and that he really went out of his way to avoid interacting with others.  James instantly fell head over heels in awe of the idea of being the guy in uniform and being a leader of his peers.  He insisted this was the path for him and who was I to argue?  When James joined the program in 9th grade, on his first day of school he walked in to an instant family.  Brothers and Sisters who all shared a goal with him.  He is able to socialize with and learn from upper classmen and JROTC officers. Service learning, structure, discipline all design to teach the kids how to be the examples others need.  How to be leaders. 

We formed the booster club to support that goal.  To give the program the funds and supplies it needs to grow and flourish taking our kids and all the future kids with it.   


The Treasurer is responsible for all funds and securities of the organization.